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Position: LW
Shoots: Left
Height: 6’01”
Weight: 205
Birth Date: 1/8/1971
Birth Country: Canada (Dear Lake, NF)
Year Drafted: –
Round Drafted: –
Overall Choice:
Salary 2003/04: $500,000

HW 2004 Mid-Season Scouting Report

Another of Gainey’s waiver wire acquisitions, he was brought in for muscle and size and has provided, for the most part. There have been times when I’ve felt he should have taken his role as goon a little more to heart, but to be honest, he’s also played much better than I’d have expected. He doesn’t get lost defensively, can cycle the puck fairly well, and works hard on each shift. From a fourth line goon, that’s pretty good stuff.

As a fighter, he’s the patient sort. You’ll never see him go for the Tyson knockout, nor will you see him with wildly swinging fisticuffs, but he’ll absorb a few hits, let the other tire out, then start to slowly take the momentum of the fight and eventually land a few good punches himself. He’s not going to win many fights, but it’s better than watching poor Dwyer who always lost his fights.

Pleasantly, he’s taken to the system very well, and that combined with his other attributes leads me to believe he’ll be the goon of choice in Montreal for a while more.