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The Habs have at last swung a deal, albeit a minor one. The team dropped cement head enforcer Sylvain Blouin, and has replaced him with defenceman Rene Vydareny.


The deal broke through at around 4:30 ET, and while some expected a move larger in size to take place, this is simply a minor league move. Vydareny, though, seems to be a decent looking young player. A left handed defenceman, Vancouver drafted him in the third round of the 1999 draft. He hails from Slovakia, and is currently enjoying his third AHL season.


So far with the Manitoba Moose, he has appeared in 50 contests, posting two goals, 12 points, and 16 penalty minutes. The trade was one of many on the day for the Canucks, and was the second transaction made by the Habs.



The Habs first move saw them waive struggling and underachieving forward Chad Kilger. Kilger, who passed through waivers earlier in the year, was snatched up by the rival Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs, who the Habs play on Saturday, could dress Kilger against his former mates.


It is a minor move, but one that could pan out for the Leafs. Kilger has seen a a change of scenery many times, but who knows how heading to Toronto could benefit him. Chances are he will never be much more than a depth filler, as he lacks, on some nights, the fire and passion required, or so it seems. It’s too bad, really, because here is a guy who when he had his head screwed on, was a big help to the team.


The move means the Habs have one less player on the roster, which is good considering Kovalev will return tomorrow night, and Bulis and Sundstrom are due back soon, too, with Bulis likely returning on Saturday.


Perhaps most surprising is the Habs did not make a deal for a quality bottom pairing defenceman, seeing as it was a need many felt we needed to address. While clearly Sheldon Souray will be back for the playoffs, and almost assuredly much sooner than that, one more reliable blueliner could of been of help, provided there was one available for a good price.


All in all, a quiet day for the Habs. Not that it matters, though. While many media members are drooling over today’s transactions, the Habs can comfortably look back on the week and spot two fine acquisitions in Alex Kovalev and Jimmy Dowd.


From here on in, it’s off to the playoffs. There’s no reason that this team, healthy as a group, can’t do some serious damage, or at least give us fans something fun to talk about.