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Position: D
Shoots: Left
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 200
Birth Date: 3/21/1981
Birth Country: USA (Bolton, Conn)
Year Drafted: 2000
Round Drafted: 1
Overall Choice: 13
Salary 2003/04: $

HW 2004 Mid-Season Scouting Report

It’s a bit of a joke thinking he should be in Montreal over Bouillon. His work ethic, his confidence, his actual play; none of these things are anywhere close to Bouillon’s at the moment.

Hainsey is a good puck-handling defender who needs to learn how to defend. For a guy with his size, he’s incredibly weak on the boards and in front of the net. The fact he doesn’t use that size to at least angle a player out is the most worrisome, though. Positionally he is getting better, his latest stint in Montreal served notice that at the very least he’s learned a bit in that regard.

Of course he’s got a wonderful shot and can move well and pass well, but that is less than half a defenders game. Some might say he’s got the potential to be an elite player in the NHL, but his deficiencies on defence lead me to believe that he’s closer to an Andy Delmore than to a Nick Lidstrom. Now, he’s young for sure, and with patience he might still develop, but from what I see, he doesn’t have that something special that other kids have.

With Markov it was the ability to be so proactive. With Komisarek it was poise. Hainsey is good with the puck, but nothing jumps out at me as special. I sure hope I’m wrong, but…

If only he weren’t the overly cocky person off the ice, he might learn something or two. The stories you hear about him are disconcerting at best. And while they may just be stories and rumours, usually where there’s a little smoke, there’s at least a flash of fire. His attitude is probably the one thing we hear most about his reason for not being in Montreal: he doesn’t work hard enough, he doesn’t play the team game well enough. Those are troubling statements and in my mind, they leave his future in some doubt. Perhaps a change of scenery is what this young man needs.

Strengths: Skating and offensive abilities are his main assets. He posses decent size, and speed which helps him get back into the play quickly. Has a good shot from the point, and works well on the power play.

Weaknesses: Decision making in his own end can be questionable. Tends to “run around” in his own end. Questionable work ethic and maturity. Often pinches in at the wrong time, causing defensive breakdowns.

Source: Dan Linn, HW Prospects Editor