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Position: LW
Shoots: Left
Height: 6’5″
Weight: 220
Birth Date: 3/4/1978
Birth Country: Canada (Blainville, Ont)
Year Drafted: 1998
Round Drafted: 4
Overall Choice: 105
Salary 2003/04: $500,000.00

HW 2004 Mid-Season Scouting Report

The man with the shot…and precious little else. Yes, he’s made it to the NHL based on his hard work and his scoring prowess in the AHL, but let’s not fool ourselves, he’s filler material; a depth player. That he had many points early on is no different that Hossa’s five goals in five games when he was called up previously – a pleasant hiccup.

Another molasses skater, at least he has the ability to move laterally. His biggest asset, though, is his ability to work with Ribeiro who seems to always know where Dags is. And when the latter gets the puck, he sure knows what he wants to do with it: shoot. Unfortunately, this is going to be his downfall. When he goes on a line change, he shoots; when he takes a pass just inside the blueline, he shoots: when he gets the puck behind the net, he shoots. I love the scoring enthusiasm, but his game is so narrow it’s easy to defend.

As with Zed, he’s defensively poor. There are games when he gets it right, but for the most part he’s not strong on his man and loses his board battles. At the very least, though, he’s taken some instruction to heart and is throwing the body more than we’ve been led to believe he ever did in the minors.

I’d never call him a player who plays a system well, that’s just not his type. I’m sure he tries, when it occurs to him, but he’s a strictly offensive person and coverage in the defensive zone will never come naturally. Hopefully he enjoys his stay in the NHL because I’m sure he’s ticketed for the AHL as soon as either a youngster comes of age or Gainey acquires a more competent replacement.

Pierre Dagenais was originally drafted 47th overall in the 1996 Entry Draft by the New Jersey Devils. Two years later, he re-entered the draft and was picked 105th overall by the Devils. On February 17, 2001, he made his NHL debut with a power play goal against the Sabres. In nine games, Pierre scored three goals and five points.

Source: The National Hockey League Players Association