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Well the results of the latest HabsWorld poll are in , and your choice for who is the most deserving hab to represent the team at the All-Star game is… Sheldon Souray! Souray finished with 51 votes , Jose Theodore was 2nd with 41 votes.


Which of these habs deserves to be on the All-Star team the most?

134 Votes
Koivu (20)
Ribeiro (9)
Souray (51)
Theodore (41)
Zednik (1)
Gervais (12)


Now its time to vote again , but this time the votes are not for a HabsWorld poll , but for the actual All-Star game. HabsWorld encourages all of our users to do their part and vote our habs into the All-Star game. A vote a day , or at least every few days is all we ask. If everyone votes , we CAN make a difference, spread the word! Cast your votes!. We suggest that everyone vote for Theodore as the starting goalie , along with Souray as a write-in vote , plus you can vote for the other habs as well , even if they are less deserving of votes :)

Vote here – http://www.nhl.com/allstar2004/index.html

(A link to vote will be placed in the “misc” section of the right column on the page main , for future voting)