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When Ron Hainsey was sent down this week, Julien explained that he needed to play and since he wasn’t getting enough ice-time in Montreal he might as well go back to Hamilton.

So when Mike Komisarek was brought up, we knew he was going to play. But with three veteran right defensemen already in Montreal, where would Mike play?

Well Julien has made his choice, he will play in place of Stéphane Quintal. After a solid start, the veteran had been struggling badly since returning from an irregular heartbeat a few games ago. He was -6 during the western road trip.

“I understand the coach’s decision even if I don’t like it. I didn’t play well at all in the last three games of the western road trip, but apart from that I’ve played pretty well this season.”

“I’m not going to complain because I want to stay in Montreal, but I have to look in the mirror. If all my teammates would do the same the team would be in better shape.”

Some might wonder why Rivet wasn’t the one chosen to step aside since he has been struggling since the very beginning of the year. But rumor is he’s on the trading block, and that might expalin why he has to stay in the lineup.

Komisarek will be paired with Sheldon Souray tonight when the Habs will face Washington Capitals… Garon will get the start.

Notes: Jagr has apparently indicated he is ok after leaving his last game with a groin pull and wants to be in the lineup tonight.