Author: A Concerned Fan

More Effort Required

An unsurprising loss considering the Canadiens completely failed to show for the second period and weren’t at their best in the first. Additionally, the defense was porous, made continually poor choices,

Habs’ Halak a Hit

Led by a first line that looked much like it had early in the season, and supported by strong special teams and a fantastic NHL debut from Jaroslav Halak, Montreal took a solid first step back into the winning column.

Reaping What They Sow

The sound you might be hearing, well aside from the snoring after that game, is a fat lady warming up in the bowels of the Bell Centre. After such a great effort against the Sens the other night, to come out and show virtually no emotion at all is a crim

Can’t Win From the Box

When you have a team that struggles five-on-five, there have to be two things going for you at all times: goaltending and special teams. It’s also very helpful if you can keep out of the box to maximize whatever five-on-five time you have in the hopes o