Author: A Concerned Fan

Positive Signs In Loss

Can we start a prayer group for Sheldon Souray? Because if he’s out for any great length of time, we could be in a world of hurt, and that playoff position that so many feel we’ve all but locked up may start to slowly slip from our fingers. Of all the t

+8 Into the Break

Oh thank goodness the All-Star break has come. Time to fix a few of the lingering problems and to get everyone back on the same page again. I don’t care that we outshot the Isles and I don’t care if everyone in the world thinks we outplayed them, we wer

Take the 2 and Run

Oh, I don’t think we can be happy with that one, not one little bit. If we were the better team and didn’t deserve to lose yesterday, today we should have been beaten. Soundly. The Habs showed little passion and only won because the Hawk goaltending is

Bruins and Cancer Win

Though I’m sure there will be a lot of whining that the Habs lost again, let’s be perfectly honest here, they dominated the game, were the better team on this night, and probably proved some things to themselves after a long run of poorly played hockey.

A Win! A Win!

Oh there’s got to be a relieved bunch heading back to Montreal after that game. For the longest time, it looked no better than any of the previous three, at least until about midway through the second when they finally started putting together some solid

Sinking Like the Sunset

While losing to the Maple Leafs and the Devils may not be the worst thing in the world, it’s troubling how the Canadiens went down to defeat in those games. Now along come the Sabres, and instead of a solid team effort and a reprisal of good play, we see

Too Many Mistakes

Well, I think we can safely say the Habs are back down to Earth after two lousy performances two days running. For those who figured the next step in the evolution of the team was to challenge those above, certainly there was a significant reality check.

Forgettable Loss

After such a brilliant showing in Philadelphia, the Habs were completely putrid tonight. There are those who will say it was the towering defence and wonderful trapping play of the Devils that was the cause, but I beg to differ. Even open passes were in t