Around the Boards: Campoli's Value
Around the Boards: Campoli's Value(2012-01-21 14:08 posted by B. La Rose)

As disappointment sets in with regards to the Habs' lack of success this year, thoughts are quickly turning to the upcoming trade deadline.  Who can be sold off and what can be had in return?  Today, we start a new ATB series on trade values from the fans' perspective.  First up is a preseason signing that has had a season to forget, defenceman Chris Campoli.

So what do the fans put his value at?  There were some differences in opinion but the one commonality in almost all of the responses was that a pick is the most likely a return, most feel he won't fetch a signed player.  There were some who think he could still fetch close to the value of last season (a 2nd rounder):

BCHabnut: "Defensive depth is very important in a playoff run. I would say a 2nd or 3rd round pick with him going to San Jose."

illWill: "I'll say Florida acquires Campoli for a 3rd round pick."

A couple of weeks back, there were false reports that he was off to Tampa Bay for a 4th round pick.  That's where a lot of our posters feel his value should be.

Psycing: "I'd say he's worth a 4th round pick to a team that believes his offensive abilities will help their powerplay and moving the puck up 5-on-5."

Chris: "If a team is hit hard with injuries on the back end, maybe a third. More likely a 4th."

habscout: "I think a 3rd-4th round draft pick, or a B-type prospect are what he could attract. It will depend on how close to the trade deadline a deal is made, and the relative desperateness or the familiarity of the trading partner. For example, if the Hawks lost a top 4 defenceman to a long term injury before the deadline, then they may give up a 3rd pick for him."

Others suggested that GM Pierre Gauthier would likely be looking to recoup the 5th rounder lost in the Mike Cammalleri-Rene Bourque deal.  Then there are those who think the 'value scale' needs to slide a little further or disappear entirely.

JoeLassister: "If there were scouts at his 6-7 last games, all we'll get is a 7th."

Lovett's Magnatones: "You guys are dreaming...Campoli is a healthy scratch on one of the most injured/inexperienced defenses in the NHL. He will get nothing, and is headed directly to the KHL."

When we're talking as mediocre a return as it appears Campoli should fetch, there's another question that should be asked.  What's more valuable, a pick or a prospect picked in the same area?

lafrous10: "I would rather have a pick, even a 5th or 6th, as any prospect you get is going to be fringe at best."

Commandant: "First ask (Trevor) Timmins.... say its prospect X vs a 4th round pick and ask him, what type of players are projected to be available in round 4 and do you rate those players better, worse or the same as X? That should give you most of your answer.  If he's ranking them the same, I'd rather have the prospect, because he's closer to the NHL just due to increased development time."

As I said at the time of the signing, I've never been the world's biggest Campoli fan.  As he has demonstrated this year, he's a blueliner who is on the fringe most nights.  Based on his play this year alone, he can't be worth much.  But, he has a bit of playoff experience, can help run a powerplay, and can log a lot of minutes if he has to.  Those qualities should endear him to a couple of GM's out there, particularly those who are a little thin in defensive depth.  That still won't fetch much of a return but something is better than nothing.  I'm in the group that figures a 4th to 5th round pick is about what he'll get; it's the type of deal where the Habs can make it now or later.  It would take a serious rash of injuries to get more than that I would imagine. 

As for the pick vs prospect debate, I'm in the pick camp.  The Habs could have a half dozen rookies that will be Hamilton-bound next year.  That's a deep enough crop while the depth in last year's draft (that could stay unsigned) wasn't too exciting.  Once 2012-13 begins, the herd of prospects in the junior/collegiate ranks will be thinned, I have no problem with aiming to get a pick to help keep the cupboards from going completely bare in the years to come.

You can still have your say by adding your thoughts to the ongoing forum discussion which is linked below.

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