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Player Ratings(2007-10-13 23:38 posted by Jonathan Rebelo)

Koivu (B-) Worked hard picked up an assist on the only goal, won 62% of his face-offs and had two shots but he has had better games.

Ryder (A) Another solid game for Ryder he is still hitting hard led the team with 6 tonight also had 3 shots. The goals will come.

Higgins (A) Finally scored also had 3 shots and was the Canadiens most dangerous forward especially down low.

Plekanec (C) Nothing too special from Tomas tonight, lost the puck a lot made a few nice passes and was alright on the PK with Kovalev.

Kovalev (A-) He was a force tonight killing penalties and keeping the puck down low. 1 shot is not enough though but he had 2 hits and was very dangerous.

Kostitsyn (C-) Nothing from Andrei tonight he looked very nervous and must have had at least 4 of his shot attempts blocked.

Smolinski (D) His worst game by far, took a bad penalty to put the team down 2 men which led to the Canes first goal and was terrible in the face-off circle not to mention he did not throw a single hit.

Latendresse (B-) His best game so far starting to get the puck low more and hit more, he really picked his game up when he was moved into Kostitsyns’ spot.

Kotsiopoulos (C+) One hit and two shots but 10 and a half minutes is too much ice time needs to be moved to the 4th line.

Chipchura (B) Lost all 6 of his face-offs but he had much more hop in his step. Showed flashes of his defensive game on a few penalty kill shifts and some well placed dump ins.

Begin ( C) Worked pretty hard but only threw one hit in 10 minutes of play. Not the same Begin as 2 years ago still.

Dandenault ( D) He played 9 minutes and I did not notice him once please get rid of this 1.7 million dollar 4th liner.

Markov ( B) Not one of his better games he fought the puck a bit and could not create much offensively. But was good in his own zone.

Komisarek ( B) Was physical and poised, did very well against Carolina’s big forwards.

Hamrlik ( A) Best defenseman for the Canadiens tonight, needs more minutes.

Brisebois ( C) Three giveaways and just not strong enough in the corners, 18 minutes is just too much.

Bouillon (A-) His best game of the season kept forwards to the outside especially Erik Cole, 3 hits and 15 minutes. He was put in a situation he could succeed in.

Streit ( C-) His worst game of the season he fought the puck all night long and other than a few nice passes was not his usual self.

Huet ( A) He was good and made a lot of good saves. Too bad he still has so much trouble with the power play point shots way to many rebounds.

Power Play (D) Not much else I can say they could hardly keep the puck in the zone and failed to score only 4 power play shots.

Penalty Kill ( D) Gave up two goals and allowed the Canes 12 power play shots.

Carbonneau ( D-) His worst coached game of the year at the end of the first period Begin Dandenault and Chipchura all had more even strength ice time than Koivu Ryder Plekanec Kovalev Kostitsyn and Higgins.

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