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2022 World Juniors StatTracker

The rescheduled 2022 World Junior Hockey Championship will run from August 9th through the 20th. Although several of Montreal’s top prospects won’t be attending, they will still have five players representing the organization in this event. As is tradition, we’ll keep track of their progress here.

2022 HabsWorld UFA Pool Standings

Wednesday, July 13th at noon ET marks the official beginning of the free agency period. As usual, plenty of activity is expected as teams look to bolster their lineups for 2022-23 and beyond. Make your predictions on who lands where in our annual UFA pool.

2022 Olympics StatTracker

The 2022 Olympics are underway and while NHL players won’t be participating, the Habs will still have some representation in the event with two of their prospects being selected to play. As is our tradition, we’ll keep track of their stats here.