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Finally Some Spirit in Win

A day after the second fight this season during Habs practice, the Canadiens played with the fire and intensity they’ve desperately been lacking to dismantle the Calgary Flames 4-1. It’s the kind of play that’s been lacking for weeks on end, and unsurpri

Habs Feeling Heat

The Calgary Flames try to post their first five-game winning streak in seven years when they visit the struggling Montreal Canadiens on Thursday when they meet at the Bell Centre. Montreal, which has lost a season-high four straight games since the break,

Koivu and Ribs go at it…

First Rivet versus Dagenais, and now the two most important pieces to the Habs attack go at it. The first fight wasn’t really much to talk about basically a rookie in a slump going at it with a veteran, and thus not a big deal. However the latter… is mu


This is one of those games where the individual pieces did not add up to the whole. Singly, the Habs weren’t horrible, but they failed completely to play as a team tonight. Well, that’s not globally true, but certainly after Theo stabbed the team in the

Habs Spirit Broken

The wheels continued to fall off the Canadiens playoff bus tonight as the Atlanta Thrashers came into town and delivered a complete thrashing. The final score of 4-1 could have been a lot worse as the Habs failed to present themselves at all for the fina

It Starts With a ‘W’…

Every time anyone loses anything four times in a row, happiness won’t exactly be flying around. Take, for example, Claude Julien, who has, for the second straight game, decided that he had nothing to lose in flipping his line combinations completely upsid

News of the Night

It may not be the big trade many of you are hoping for, and there is no victory to report, but, as always, there were a few pieces of news squeaking out of Montreal. News from the Habs’ camp today included a goaltending announcement, the word on a pair of