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Profile: #24 Andreas Dackell

He makes most fans trade lists and if he’s not on those he’s the guy whose contract most can’t wait to expire. Shame they can’t see past size and look at the little things he brings. Defensively he’s a consistent player who brings the same game night in a

Profile: #22 Steve Bégin

If people thought Gainey was going to take his time to stamp his image on the team they were wrong. When he plucked Begin off waivers before the season started, he pulled in an absolute sparkplug with more potential than any realized. Where can you start

Profile: #20 Richard Zednik

Last year he blossomed into a serious goal scoring threat as he went to the net with regularity and made plays with the puck in the slot. This year his game has been kept to the outside and he doesn’t seem to be putting the same effort forth. Part of this

Profile: #17 Jason Ward

Certainly one of the more favoured players of the fans in Montreal because he works so hard and was a scoring guru in the AHL, unfortunately, that latter aspect has failed to translate to NHL success and his other deficiencies are slowly catching up to hi

Saku Koivu, tough and tender

At the age of 27, hockey player Saku Koivu has been through a lot. He has fought against cancer, and lived the dream life of a celebrated hockey star. Saku Koivu was not born as a winner, but he had the edge to become a hero in his own life. When Saku was

Profile: #11 Saku Koivu

Saku Koivu was drafted 21st overall in the 1993 Entry Draft by the Montréal Canadiens. Two seasons later, he made his NHL debut and scored his first NHL goal on October 23 against the Kings’ Byron Dafoe. He played all 82 games that season and finished fou

Profile: #8 Mike Komisarek

Big, bruising, and developing slowly into a nasty defender. From the beginning the surprise with Komi were his abilities on the puck, but it’s his play off the puck that had him drafted so high. Make no mistake, he’s going to take some time to fully devel

Profile: #5 Stéphane Quintal

Stéphane Quintal was drafted 14th overall in the 1987 Entry Draft by the Boston Bruins. On November 18, 1988, he made his NHL debut in a match against the Red Wings. After playing 26 games at the NHL level that rookie season, he played 38 NHL games in 198

We Needed That

Thank heavens for the Rangers.

There’s nothing like playing against the team with more internal and external troubles than your own. The Rangers were booed continually, their coach jeered, and their players showed a lack of passion even Canadiens

Habs Handle Rangers

There’s nothing like a trip to New York to face the Rangers and get the train back on track. Tonight, despite being outshot the Montreal Canadiens managed to pull out a convincing four to one victory over the overpaid home side.