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Big Game Hunting

The Habs offensive weapons will need to be in full force as they make the necessary preparations needed in order to string together a pair of victories. Joining them for what should not be your typical afternoon cup of tea, the game begins at 2:00, will

A Win! A Win!

Oh there’s got to be a relieved bunch heading back to Montreal after that game. For the longest time, it looked no better than any of the previous three, at least until about midway through the second when they finally started putting together some solid

On The Comeback Trail

What started out as yet another painfully slow affair for the Canadiens turned into one of the most exciting finishes before Richard Zednik hammered home his 19th of the season in overtime to propel the team to its first victory in four. With the Habs pic

Goal by Goal : Cold, Hard Switch!

Tonight was a night of Zednification. The Habs sturdy winger found himself parked in the slot, when Mike Ribeiro grabbed the puck and took his time rounding the Wild net. There were a few split seconds where it looked like a previous pass was in order…

Is it panic time ?

Having talked to several Hab fans, as well as frequenting message boards, particularly this one, the general consensus seems to be that we’re in a heap of trouble, and moves needs to be made soon, involving Kilger, Perreault, etc…

A Wild Peek

The Minnesota Wild are a team the Canadiens will play only one time this year, and as such are probably something of an unknown commodity for Habs fans. Here then are five things you need to know about the Wild:

Ryding Michael

Michael Ryder is playing some great hockey for the Montreal Canadiens right now; a trend that will not only have to continue, but will have to spread violently throughout his teammates, much like the flu has these past few days. As the Habs prepare themse

Sinking Like the Sunset

While losing to the Maple Leafs and the Devils may not be the worst thing in the world, it’s troubling how the Canadiens went down to defeat in those games. Now along come the Sabres, and instead of a solid team effort and a reprisal of good play, we see

Dominated Again

The good news out of tonight’s game is that Saku Koivu emerged from his lethargy/injury/sickness to dominate as he can. Virtually every shift saw his line creating some offence if not a true scoring opportunity. The Habs only goal was scored by a wonderfu

Sabres, A Cut Below

It’s been a fairly tough and disappointing season so far for the Buffalo Sabres who find themselves last in the Northeast division and out of the playoff picture with seemingly hungrier teams just ahead of them in the standings. It’s not just a struggling