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HW Recap: It’s Finally Over

The final week of the season for the Habs has come and gone with the team picking up a single win while dropping to fourth last in the standings. Meanwhile, in Laval, it continues to be all bad news as they now have hit the basement of the AHL standings with just one week left.

Habs Lose Finale to Leafs

Despite an acceptable effort by the Habs on Saturday night, it was clear which team was preparing for the playoffs, and which team was preparing their first tee time. The Leafs showed up in key moments of the game, sweeping the season series and ending Montreal’s season with a 4-2 road loss.

HW Recap: One Week Closer to the End

The countdown to golf season continued last week for both the Habs and Laval. The Canadiens picked up one win while snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in another while what’s left of the Rocket continue to flounder as they get closer and closer to the basement in the AHL standings.