Author: Brian La Rose

Chief Editor

A Faceoff Frenzy

Faceoffs, a part of the game that some consider vital, while others consider them to be practically meaningless. And to an extent, one can consider that to be true, particularly the ones in the neutral zone.

Is it panic time ?

Having talked to several Hab fans, as well as frequenting message boards, particularly this one, the general consensus seems to be that we’re in a heap of trouble, and moves needs to be made soon, involving Kilger, Perreault, etc…

One-goal games, who should you bet on?

How often does this occur, you’re sitting on the couch, watching a 2-1 game, and your favourite team is in the lead. You’re beginning to worry about “your team” blowing the lead and losing the game. But, are you getting worried for no reason? Does “you

Lineup notes, January 23, 2004

It appears as if indeed recently re-called winger Jozef Balej will get his first taste of NHL action tonight as the Canadiens visit New Jersey for a 7:30 tilt (TV- RDS, Radio: CJAD, CKAC). It is expected that Balej will fill the spot left by the injured

2003-04 NHL All-Stars

The speculation is officially over, the National Hockey League has announced the complete All-Star Game rosters. As always, there are a few surprises, as well as a few notables missing, but the rosters still are solid, and should provide an entertaining

Teams most improved defensively

Defence, something that is spoken of all too often in today’s NHL. However, it remains a vital part to any team’s success, case in point, the defending Stanley Cup champion New Jersey Devils. Their team starts and ends primarily with Martin Brodeur, the

NHL Midseason MVP’s

It’s a “special” time in the NHL at the moment, a time that comes only once a year. No, it’s obviously not the playoffs, or the March 9 trade deadline. That’s right, you guessed it, it’s the NHL midseason!

PP/PK analysis

Special teams, the pride of some teams, and the nemesis of others.  The powerplay and penalty kill are increasingly becoming a vital aspect of a team’s success in the modern era of the National Hockey League.  One of the ways to judge a team’s special teams success is through the PP/PK “index”.  This is done … Continue reading PP/PK analysis