Author: Brian La Rose

HW Recap: Ending on a Whimper

The postseason came to an end with a resounding thud for the Habs, who dropped three straight to finish their season on a very frustrating note. In St. John’s, the IceCaps managed a split in their first two games but Game Two certainly ended on a frustrating note for them as well.

HW Recap: Bring on the Playoffs

The Habs ended their season on a winning note but weren’t able to stay healthy in the final week with Alexei Emelin going down with a lower body injury. In St. John’s, the IceCaps squandered some chances but remain right in the thick of the playoff race heading into their last two games.

HW Recap: Heading into April on a high

The Habs followed up a lacklustre week with one of their best ones of the year to end the month of March on a high note. In St. John’s, the IceCaps split their two games to hold onto a playoff spot by a slim margin with just two weeks to go in their season.