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The Fans' Top Prospects, Rankings 1-5
The Fans' Top Prospects, Rankings 1-5(2012-10-12 20:20 posted by B. La Rose)

As part of our prospect rankings this year, we wanted to get your insights on who you feel the Habs' top prospects are.  The results of our top-10 poll have been tabulated and today we bring you the top five.  In the early stages, it didn't take long for this group to establish themselves as the top players and they continued to dominate right up to when the voting was closed.


Players received points for each vote they received.  1st place received 10 points, 2nd place received 9, all the way to 10th place which received a single point.  The scores were then tallied and the ten highest scores were ranked 1-10 accordingly.  Please note that in several instances, this means that the slot where the player received the most votes is not where he is ranked.

#5 - F Brendan Gallagher, Vancouver, WHL

Gallagher was the lowest drafted player to appear in the fans' top-10 after another strong campaign with the Giants and a good stint with Canada's World Junior squad.  Although nearly everyone had him in their top-10, the comments showed that a lot have considerable reservations about him overcoming his size.  His highest ranking was 1st.

5th Place Voting

Player % of #5 votes Player % of #5 votes
Gallagher 26.21% Beaulieu 5.83%
Collberg 19.42% Thrower 3.88%
Tinordi 11.65% Bozon 2.91%
Leblanc 7.77% Holland 0.97%
Kristo 6.80% Palushaj 0.97%
Ellis 6.80% Galchenyuk 0.97%
Bournival 5.83%    

Your Say  (Please note that some comments have been edited for brevity, grammar, and spelling.)

DRich: "With no lockout Brendan could have made the club, especially with Rene Bourque out. Potential of 30 goals plus and some grit for his size."

Hugo: "A sniper who can score from everywhere on the ice."

Shawn W.: "We've learned so often size doesn't matter so much but I can't help but keep him lower because of it; otherwise he could also be pushing for #1."

#4 - F Louis Leblanc, Montreal, NHL

Leblanc barely qualified as a prospect for our rankings and it appears there are quite a few fans out there who feel he shouldn't qualify at all as the former first rounder was surprisingly left off quite a few ballots which cost him a chance to crack the top-3.  He had votes in nine of the ten ranking spots which placed him in a tie for second (with Gallagher) in that regard.  His highest ranking was 1st.

4th Place Voting

Player % of #4 votes Player % of #4 votes
Leblanc 27.18% Kristo 0.97%
Beaulieu 21.36% Bournival 0.97%
Tinordi 17.48% Thrower 0.97%
Gallagher 16.50% Galchenyuk 0.97%
Collberg 9.71% Palushaj 0.97%
Ellis 2.91%    

Your Say

Anonymous: "Is the most NHL ready and has the potential to make an impact as a right handed top-6 besides Gionta, who is the only possible viable option although he would be most effective as a solid above average 3rd line RW."

Louis Caron: "Un vraie joueur d'hockey qui veut gagner."

Patrick Francis: "He is very reliable in his own zone. He has top-6 playmaking skills and had the potential to put up 20 goals and 50 points a season."

#3 - D Jarred Tinordi, London, OHL

Fans of every team love a physical defensive-minded defenceman and Montreal fans are no exception.  In fact, beyond the number one prospect, Tinordi was the only player to be on every ballot and he only narrowly missed out on finishing second.  Like the others mentioned already, his highest ranking was 1st.

3rd Place Voting

Player % of #3 votes Player % of #3 votes
Tinordi 35.92% Kristo 1.94%
Beaulieu 26.21% Galchenyuk 1.94%
Leblanc 19.42% Bournival 0.97%
Gallagher 6.80% Hudon 0.97%
Collberg 4.85% Dietz 0.97%

Your Say

Andre: "Made huge improvements last season and looks like a future top-4. Question is if he can become Hatcher-like or Gill-like."

G. Mockler: "Power d-men who are decent skaters are hard to find...he could develop into one of the NHL's top shut down d-men."

Machine of Loving Grace: "If Galchenyuk is our top offensive player, Tinordi is our top defensive player from a pure defensive perspective. Brings size, decent skating (for his size) and tenacity like nobody else. He's everything Komisarek was supposed to be."

#2 - D Nathan Beaulieu, Saint John, QMJHL

Although he finished second in the voting, there were more negative/cautious comments about him than any other player.  Fans love his offensive potential but have concerns about his decision making in his own end although as evidenced by the results, the good outweighs the bad.  His highest ranking was 1st.

2nd Place Voting

Player % of #2 votes
Beaulieu 37.86%
Tinordi 22.33%
Leblanc 17.48%
Gallagher 10.68%
Galchenyuk 6.80%
Collberg 1.94%
Bozon 1.94%
Ellis 0.97%

Your Say

bbp: "Something about Beaulieu makes me cautious... but he was a 1st rounder and he does score a lot of points."

BCHabnut: "A major offensive threat in junior, his resume is much like P.K. Subban before he stepped up."

Don: "Not my favourite due to my reservations regarding his defensive liabilities, but if he can avoid being another Marc-Andre Bergeron on the backend, I could be way off on him."

#1 - F Alex Galchenyuk, Sarnia, OHL

In what should as a surprise to no one, Galchenyuk was as close to a unanimous selection as there was in this poll.  Montreal management believes he is a future franchise centre and for the most part the fans feel the same way; he is as can't miss a prospect as there is in this organization.  Obviously, his highest ranking was 1st.

1st Place Voting

Player % of #1 votes
Galchenyuk 89.32%
Gallagher 2.91%
Leblanc 1.94%
Tinordi 1.94%
Collberg 1.94%
Pateryn 0.97%
Hudon 0.97%

Your Say

Anonymous: "Just needs to make sure he has fully recovered from serious knee injury and he is ready to make the jump."

Ben Melindy: "Judging on his scoring at 16 years old in the OHL, I think he can be a point per game guy in the NHL, as long as his injury didn't hurt his development too much.  I couldn't have been happier when Timmins called his name at the draft."

B. Kerr: "Quite simply one of the best prospects in all of hockey. He's the type of player who can do it all. He's got some of the best hands in junior hockey, he can pass, has a laser wrist shot, can skate, and plays a gritty two way game. He's a super stud."

Missed The Cut

Here are the prospects who had a fair bit of support but were unable to crack the top-10:

11) F Tim Bozon, Kamloops, WHL
12) F Aaron Palushaj, Montreal, NHL
13) F Patrick Holland, Tri-City, WHL
14) F Charles Hudon, Chicoutimi, QMJHL
15) D Darren Dietz, Saskatoon, WHL

The 2012 Prospect Rankings series will conclude next week as our top-10, voted on by our writers, will be revealed.

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